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I work from home due to an auto accident. I have a home office complete with 3 computers. 1 of the computers submits 2 22" hd monitors which helps with multi tasking. A laptop, phone and 2 desks with plenty of file cabinets, and also a fax machine. I am set up for online chat support with both audio and video compatabilities. I work for answergems.com as an expert in all fields. There we answer technical questions that need accurate answers, some could be life saving. I am looking to work as a freelancer in almost any field. Due to my accident I am home 24 hours a day and spend all my timedoing full scale reports and research on any subject I come across to become the best freelancer I beleive I can become. I use the microsoft office 7 edition to complete alot of tasks.
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A position that utilizes my professional management, organizational, & appraisal skills along with my knowledge of all aspects of the automotive claims process so that I may contribute to the business aspect of the claims process and further my professional skills throughout this field.


- Independent Appraiser: Utilize my professional knowledge in the automotive claims field to ensure accurate claim processing. Prepare detailed reports to achieve cost effective and proper repairs, abiding by the appropriate state law of each claim and following through with customer until completely satisfied.
- Body Shop Manager: Estimate cost management, material usage management, inventory control, observation and the supervision of thirteen employees. Conduct...
Lansing, Michigan, United States