Rickey Hogue

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About Me:
I'm a visual/graphic artist, specializing in sequential art, sign-, ad- and logo-designs, and, most recently, mural-painting. Already an accomplished artist, I chose to major in Theatre in college, and have performed or designed and built sets in numerable and memorable stage productions in Texas, Hilton Head, and Savannah. I spent almost ten years of my life as a professional actor/puppeteer, enabling me to expand my experience with a vast array of methods and materials and creative tools outside of my usual visual and performance means of expression and creation.
My expertise lies in pencil, pen-and-ink, and acrylics, with extensive knowledge of "soft" sculpture with poly-foam (think "Muppets" and "Crank-Yankers"). I am always game to try a new venture, or to put my hand to a new tool,...
Savannah, Georgia, United States