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Said "Song I wrote long ago: I've died so many times, I don't know where they've dumped my corpse. They say cats have nine lives, But this cat may just nine more! My mother killed first time, She said I expected better things, Struck by her maternal guillotine, And strangled on her apron strings! My girlfriend screwed my head back on, And gave to me another breathe, But then that woman turned around, And stung me with the kiss of death! Jesus tried to save me! But all poor Jesus' efforts were in vain! The devil's got a hold on me, And Jesus! I think I'm going to die again! I got myself a bottle! And got so drunk I thought I didn't care! Not going to try to live no more I know there ain't no life nowhere!"
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I can make a song on almost any subject in not much time. I love the lyrics of Warren Zevon especially. My favorite band is Pink Floyd. The first I was 15, on acid, at a 2,000 seat arena. CCR played an 18,500 Stadium nearby the same night. I was an experience of a lifetime. After the concert I was so blown away, I couldn't shut up about how great Pink Floyd were and would soon claim the title of the Real World Heavyweight Classic Rock Band of All Time! When I went to the men's room, there 2 "hippies" qwashing up or something. I was in their faces about how great Pink Floyd were. Someone wh saw told I was telling this to Nick Mason (He did say "Thanks Lad") and Roger Wright. So I'm just here to accept full credit for giving these members of Pink Floyd the encouragement they NEEDED, at the...
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada