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Resham MacFarlane

Freelance Animal Illustrator & Mural Painter


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Facebook Page includes samples of all work including Murals, Facepainting, Sculpture, Illustration, Canvas/Watercolor Painting, Drawing, Dry Media
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Animal Illustration
Mural Painting
About Me:
"You are like a child, alive and discovering the world for the first time," I am told while leaping from rock to rock in the uncharted Desolation Wilderness at the edge of South Lake Tahoe. I have had a rich and varied educational experience, ranging from the typical private schooling processes, self-directed studies, observation of nature (both human and fauna) and, what I believe is most important: by having an open mind. I have a love for science and psychology, a detail-oriented eye for aesthetics, and I am never happier than when my hands are moving busily to adjust my ideas into reality. I work assured that the key to survival is adaptation, and one cannot adapt to the constantly changing environment without education and the openness to try something new. This is my philosophy....
San Jose, California, United States