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About Me:
My name is Renee. I live in Delaware County, Pa with my family.  A wonderful husband to whom I have been with now for almost 30 years, who supports me in every venture and three really great kids, my youngest boy who is 8, my beautiful, spirited little girl who will be 12 and my first born young man who is now 16.  They constantly inspire me to keep growing everyday. I have been busy raising my children for the past few years along with painting and designing spaces in my home.  Every room is like a canvas to me, every wall must have something special on it.

       I love art. It speaks to me, mushy as that sounds, but true. Sketching takes me away for many hours at a time sometimes. There are time when my littlest boy and little girl sit with me and pull out their sketch books and...
Aston, Pennsylvania, United States