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I have witnessed many people I care about continuing to fight a battle with addiction. This poem tells of two specific kinds of addicts, the First addict is a boy that in a time of weakness allowed himself to be seduced by the beauty never seeing the true evil beneath till it was to late save himself. The second a loved one who knew exactly how beautiful, dark, and painful the journey had been for the fallen souls that had happened down this road before her and yet she chose not to turn away but to continue down a path she was never meant to walk.
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Ashfaqul Roni - Over 30 days ago
Nice work.
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I have written short stories, poems that will bring you to tears, books, songs, and so on for as long as I can remember. I've never had anything published because everything I have ever written has been so much apart of me that it felt as thought it were my child. I would love to write human interest pieces on unique people and places that have an unknown yet truly fascinating history. I have had no formal training for any type of writing job however i feel that I am qualified for anything that will allow me to embrace my artistic abilities.
Jefferson City, Missouri, United States