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David Gavin - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hello Yan and Rae, If you ever happen to be looking for a voice for any of your projects, I'd be happy to work with you. Best Wishes, David Gavin" to Rayavisualart
Over 30 days ago -
Rayavisualart - Over 30 days ago
Hi David! Thank you for your availability, please send us your resume and reel ! Rae
David Gavin - Over 30 days ago
Hi Rae,
Thanks, I'll be sending info via email... (Subject: Re: Discussion on Freelanced)

PS Great looking website!
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About Me:
Born at 2008, Raya Visual Art began his career with a television format: the ” TGShow”, aired from 2008 to 2010 on RomaunoTV (digital terrestrial and SKY) in Rome, Italy.

For two years RVA worked actively with many companies (Mercurio Cinematografica, Nexta, Renault, etc.).

Photography and video are the main activities. A study of light’s manipulation brings RVA to be specialized in short films documentary and photoshooting.

In 2011 continues his work producing documentaries for television and content for the web, music videos, short films, commercials, photo shooting also in USA. Collaborate in New York with the company “OK production” realizing some tv shows on NYC Life, and whit Gallery Records lable and some singers, Georgia Cee and Sistiana.

Yan and Rae live from Rome to...
New York, New York, United States