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This is the introduction to my thesis.
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Rachel Peterson - Added portfolio item
This is my thesis, entitled "Burn."
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nice profile.
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Currently, I am a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Clark State's Greene Center, where I have taught Developmental Writing (CPE 071 and 072) for nearly four years. I enjoy teaching developmental composition classes so much that I would like to teach full-time. As a first generation college student, I feel a great affinity for the students in community college campuses, who often came from similar backgrounds. However, I an ready to move on to full-time positions. I currently attend a low-residency M.F.A. Program through Ashland University, which allows me to work as I complete my thesis this summer, which will be a book of poetry.

Since I began college, I have taken every opportunity to teach and write. I have a dual major in English and Religion from Wright...
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