Rachel Darcy Jung

Freelance Drawer & Fashion Illustrator


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Fashion Illustration
About Me:
I have studied and have a degree in Graphic design and illustrating at the Amsterdam Fashion institute 'De Schans' in Amsterdam, Netherlands
I have worked in marketing, sales and PR for Gassan Diamonds for 10 years in Amsterdam.
Than my husband and I moved to the Republic Of Ireland where I became distributor and agent for Rodrigo Otazu for 6 years in.
Since August 2010 our family moved to New York, although my formal company offered me a job in NY straight away, I decided it was time to per sue my dream to become an artist in Illustrating.
I have been drawing all my live, coming from a family of architects, painters and musicians, the 'talent' was a gift.
I always draw everything by hand before using Illustrator CS5 or photo shop, it makes my drawings more personal
Brooklyn, New York, United States