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To whom it may concern,

Descriptive pieces are difficult to conjure up without seeming swollen-headed with all of the I's and Me's floating about. But it is a catch 22 because you see because it is also a place for the writer of said piece to shine. Shall we begin?

My name is Shannon and I believe I could write a brilliant relationship advice column even though I [highly] lack in the Relationship Experience department. I'm just another Chicagoland girl, living at home with her parents, trying to save the $$ to get back out! I like to consider myself a Barbie-type figure and that is not to say I'm 6' tall with a 19" waist. It has to do with my wealth of expertise in countless fields of work; just like Barbie! Some of these fields include (but are not limited to) writing style...
Chicago, Illinois, United States