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Hi, I am a 46 year old single dad with the best little 6yo boy in the world as a son. I live in Geelong Australia but was born in Tasmania. The first time I ran away from home was when I was 5 years old, which had one of my sisters chasing and catching me, I ran away again a week later but this time I took my teddybear and a loaf of bread. I was a shocking child and by the time I finaly escaped from home at 14yo I had easily run away 100 times and been up to see the local judge 22 times. When I got to mainland Australia I lived on Melbourns streets for 9 months but didn't like the company I was keeping, so I packed my backpack and for the next twenty years hitch-hiked Australias highways and back roads. My stories are mainly about the adventures I had and the amazing amount of trouble I managed to get in.
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Hi, I spent over thirty years hitch-hiking around Australia having adventures at every turn and barely escaping serious trouble some of the times.
My first job was a copywriter and learnt young never to dump your manageress and expect your job the next day. Such is life.
From being trapped in a truck with a ferral trucky during a huge storm to breaking into prison gaurds housing to steal their beer for christmass or creating, enjoying and destroying a second hand bookshop in two years.
I have had three items published and now wish to bring my writing skills back into use.
Geelong, Victoria, Australia