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Paul White - Over 30 days ago
Thank you much. Maybe you can help me get my picture & some of my work on to this site?
John Mahomet - Over 30 days ago
Make jpegs at 72 dpi at no larger then about 6" wide and tall. Then you can transport them via the instructions on the site.
Paul White - Over 30 days ago
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Paul White: Illustrator, cartoonist & short movie director, editor, & videographer. I am 36 years old & have been drawing since I was 4, & have been making short movies since I was 13. My drawing quality & style is similar & on par with the work of Jim Davis (Garfield), & I have shot & edited roughly 20 - 30 movie shorts consisting of parodies, music videos, documentaries, & 4 made completely with stop-motion animation. Recently had 2 shorts viewed by 30 - 35 film classmates & the unexpected, overwhelmingly positive response made me reconsider my chances at making a living doing what I love.
Sacramento, California, United States