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Said "Hi Paula! Nice to see a fellow Fayetteville writer here. Your bio is awesome! I'm a 'newbie' and in the process of beefing up my resume/portfolio. Any tips or advice you can offer? Thanks," to Paula Stiles
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My Amazon books page.
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This is a blog series of articles on medieval history that I wrote for Suite101.
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This is a collection of articles that I wrote for Associated Content about science, history, science fiction, travel, and television.
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Innsmouth Free Press is an online Lovecraft/Mythos zine and micropress that has published fiction, news, reviews, and interviews about horror, fantasy and science fiction since 2009. I am the cofounder, Editor in Chief and copy editor for the zine and press. I have also translated stories from French for the micropress' anthologies.
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I am currently co-founder, Editor in Chief and Copy Editor for Innsmouth Free Press since January 2009. I have sold 39 short stories, as well as numerous reviews and articles, in SF/fantasy/horror. I have also sold over 100 articles on genre fiction, history, travel, writing, science, and television/film; academic and popular book reviews; and film reviews. I cowrote and published a mystery/SF novel, "Fraterfamilias". I edited a fantasy novel, "Proper People", and coedited fantasy anthologies, "Historical Lovecraft" and "Candle in the Attic Window". I wrote masters and PhD theses about the Knights Templar in Spain. I wrote a medieval history blog for Suite101 in 2006/7 and a personal blog, "The Middle Ages Get Medieval". I am a member of the Other Worlds Writers workshop (since 2003) and...
Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States