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A social movement for change that promotes local artist, independant contractors and small business. Support your local community and help America get out of debt on their own account. Middle Finger Movement- Middle stands for middle class and below, finger stands for the act of finger pointing the responsible party, and movement is a social unifactation for change.
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I have strong beliefs in education and moral structure. It shapes our society and in this design I wanted to express that foundation is fundamental. Expression through any form of art is an open door to innovative change. This post is also on my blog
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Said "Hello I'm new here and think this is a cool site. I'm looking for a mentor to help guiede me into the industry because I feel so lost and I have yet to meet an artist here in my area. Please feel free to contact this inspired creative writer and grafphic innovator. All I need is a chance."
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Florence M. Olivia Orona
Success in life through honesty and dedication is my objective. Progressing within an organization that is truly committed to satisfying the customers as well as the individuals who service their demand. I need a career that applies policies and regulations and will provide my talents and skills ample room to grow through proggressive achievements based on performance. Self efficiency, drive, and ambition is what fuels my work ethic. All I need is that one opportunity and I promise to contribute my all and shine like a freshly pressed dime.

My skill index and talent pool are very complex and lengthy to list here. Please refer to the table of contents within this portfolio to view the details of the qualifications that pertain to...
Wichita, Kansas, United States