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Nate O'Sharn - Updated status
Said "Got some more tracks cooking in the studio."
Over 30 days ago -
Nate O'Sharn - Added portfolio item
John Mayer/Michael Jacson/Chris Brown - Human Nature (Acoustic Cover) Just a fun little medley covered, where NipTuk and I threw together on one evening, as well as shooting a video clip too. Video Directed and Edited by Blahk P & NipTuk.
Over 30 days ago -
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Nate O'Sharn - Added portfolio item
Nate O'Sharn, Charlez O'Sharn & N.F.K. (Sean A, Soula M, R'm'B) - Love Vs. Money Last year, we were approached by N.F.K. (New Fresh Kids), inquiring about an Original R&B Song. NipTuk and I immediately jumped on board. We scratched the entire track up in a single studio session of 2 1/2 hours, which brought about this song, Love Vs Money. The executive producers of NipTuk; Charlez O'Sharn and myself were asked to jump on this track by request, which I personally covered the Hook, whereas Charlez O'Sharn covered the 3rd Verse.
Over 30 days ago -
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Nate O'Sharn - Added portfolio item
S.J - Angel (feat. Myself [a.k.a, Nate Rain]) Shortly after receiving a lot of airplay and amazing feedback from S.J's past single "Blind To The World", NipTuk and I got to work in this single, "Angel". We aimed to contrast from the last track, to help reach out to a more diverse audience; therefore leading us to Electro-Pop. I was personally featured on this song. This track received more airplay nation-wide, more callouts and shares than the previous track we had released with S.J.
Over 30 days ago -
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Nate O'Sharn - Added portfolio item
S.J. - Blind To The World (feat. Tubby T) For this particular track, NipTuk and I we're approached by an up and coming artist S.J., a nation-wide renowned artist in New Zealand who was looking for a song that provided a 'real talk' feel and aura. At the time I was working with another up and coming artist from Brisbane, Australia; Tubby T, which we thought would make an excellent collaboration due to his diverse flow and intellectual lyricism. At first we were approached by S.J., with the concept and hook from the song; starting out from scratch. We ended up with a very smooth-meaningful-R&B & Rap track, which all parties received more than they asked for. Developing the song was a great pleasure, where it had nation-wide success on Radio Stations, as well as many callout and shares across the globe.
Over 30 days ago -
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Joanne Dagonese - Over 30 days ago
Easy on the ears and the mind... Impressive!
Charles O'sharn - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Talented song writer and music producer, recomend to all!" to Nate O'Sharn
Over 30 days ago -
Nate O'Sharn - Added portfolio item
Kenzlee - Ex-B.F.F (feat. NipTuk) A young artist by the name of Kenzlee inquired NipTuk and I, about an Original Pop Song. She wanted a clean song, which appealed towards a younger demographic. We we're able to provide all the above, along with a catchy hook, clean lyrics and concept, with the executive producers (Charlez O'Sharn and myself; Nate O'Sharn) featured on the bridge, at the artists request. This was the final product.
Over 30 days ago -
Music Production portfolio item
Nina Spencer - Over 30 days ago
this is cool ..nice beat ,and she has a nice innocence to her voice...good job NATE!!
Nate O'Sharn - Over 30 days ago
Thanks Nina! It was a pleasure writing, was an awesome experience getting to work with a very talented young artist! Going to be recording another track for her, which will definitely be going up when I get on to it :)
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My name is Nate O'Sharn. I am an Artist/Musician, Ghost Writer, Jingle Writer, Voiceover Artist, Music Producer/Singer Songwriter, Pianist/Guitarist/Bassist/Drummer/Violinist/Celloist, Sound Engineer and an Executive Producer for NipTuk.
At NipTuk, we specialize in Jingle Writing/Jingle Production/Jingle Recording, Audio Editing, Radio Production, Voiceovers, and Song Writers in: Contemporary R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Metal, Rock, Power Ballads, 80s Soundtracks, Electro, Electro-Pop, House, Dubstep, 8-Bit, Acoustic, Instrumentals (In the aforementioned genres and others), as well as other specialties.
NipTuk is a flexible, hard-working, outstanding duo that have produced over some 785 works in just the past year!

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