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Said "I am working on a self help book currently titled: If It Hurts When You Do that . . . How to Stop Creating Chaos and Attract What You Want In Your Life. You might think, why would I deliberately do negative things to create chaos in my life? Oh, it's not on purpose, believe me. But it is all rooted in past unresolved hurts and fears developed over the years (probably since childhood in many instances). If It Hurts When You Do That . . . is designed to help the reader explore how they learned to come to believe the self limiting thoughts/beliefs they hold that interfere with being able to develop their dreams and desires. By the time you finish reading this book and completing the worksheet areas, you will be able to change your self-limiting beliefs while attracting situations, people, places, and things that will lead you to your dreams. So, buckle your seat belt. You're about to meet someone pretty special--The new you!"
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About Me:
I am a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor (L.M.H.C.) and a Florida Certified Addictions Professional (CAP) who works in the field of addictions and writes self help articles, poetry. I am also currently working on two self help books.

Populations I have worked with as a therapist for the last 14 years are alcoholic and/or drug addicted men and women 18 and up as well as senior populations and people with relapse histories. Areas of expertise are: Cross addiction, such as ***, gambling, obsessive compulsive disorders and eating disorders (to name a few), codependency, family dynamics, trauma and abuse, domestic violence, anger, grief and loss, and those struggling with spirituality as well as clients who have a history of co-occurring mental health disorders.

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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States