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Said "My "Freelanced" experience so far. Though I have met several talented, inspirational artists, I question the usefulness of this site. I have yet to be hired, jobs applied for - even with accompanied follow up - never pan out. Rarely does the client reply/follow through, and it seems the client is not hiring but soliciting concepts as though it's a competition with nobody getting paid. It's my understanding that this site is a "work for hire". Providing concepts without a contract/purchase order/written agreement is a waste of billable time. Any time invested in a project should be billable. Isn't that the point? If your a starving artist it's your own fault. Get business savvy! You want to eat, have gas money, entertainment, buy art supplies, replace your wardrobe... that's going to cost you. So unless you have a day job that pays for that stuff, you better guard your time and stand your ground. No more free work. The idea is to get hired. If you want to compete go to designcrowd."
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