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Nikhat Powell

Freelance Video Editor & Journalistic Photographer


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About Me:
To create a brilliant film, one does not need special effects or gimmicks, one needs to be a creative editor. That is what I am. Not a cutter! And I pride myself on this! Not only do I work relentlessly to meet deadlines, I'm very good at working both in teams and on my own. A perfectionist at heart, I do not compromise with quality and meet deadlines. I completely understand the deeper roles that audio and video play to complement each other and am able to exploit this knowledge to create great programs.

With 20 years of video editing experience, I am skilled with storytelling styles of editing and capable of creating the required drama, mood and pace with editing. I've also worked with serials, corporate videos, documentaries, advertisements, and chidlrens programs.

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Bensalem, Pennsylvania, United States