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Said "? Worked on following projects: Login and registration, blogging, business logic implementation, front end and back end form validation, pagination, search engine, dynamic navigation, PDF generation, auto completion, email validation and activation, forgotten password, security issues( password, website, database, session, filesystem), DB access control, error logging, URL rewrite, Google Map API. ? Wrote code using security best practices. ? Designed database schema( many to many relationship ). Created queries, indexes, triggers, foreign constraints and stored procedures. Optimized queries ? Created RESTful APIs. ? Implemented Javascript, AJAX and AngularJS to enhance UI/UX. ? Searched for data in the web, parsed and inserted data into DB. ? Created TDD environment. Built test cases. Unit testing using PHPUnit. ? Migrated project from XAMPP to LAMP. ? Created development, testing and production instance in AWS EC2."
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Nguai - Updated status
Said "php/mysql development"
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