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Said "Please note our company is called The Common Room based in Parkhurst Johannesburg. Our business model is based around providing office space to all start up business and freelancers. Would it be possible for you to come through and have a look at the space and see if you would enjoy writing or wiring here. Should you wish to take up the opportunity, please reply with your name contact number in order for us to issue you with a free day pass to work for the day. My email address" to Matthew Friedland
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This is my architecural /technology blog, which i publish every tuesday.
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I am a free lance writer and editor. I hold an honors degree with majors in History and Classical Civilization with minors in English and Psychology as well as a master's degree in Architecture. I host my own architecture/technology blog, and I am also a free lance lecturer in architecture. I am a guitarist and trained opera singer. I have been active in fencing, mixed martial arts and ballroom dancing. I have traveled to the US, Europe and the middle east, as well as much of sub-Saharan Africa. I am passionate about technology, green design and energy efficiency. I am extremely widely read. I have read up on everything from network theory to nanotechnology, biography to biology. My favorite leisure reading is science fiction history and biography. Whatever your needs may be, whether they...
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa