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Scott jones - Gave 1 kudo
Said "You sound really cool. I like to draw and write as well but I'll probably never publish a book like you. I can only wish. Keep writing and drawing and rocking on." to Nathan Maldona
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About Me:
Im 32 years of age im 5'11 and 190Lb i have short spickey dark hair ive ben a cook sence i was 16 and i want to get out of the food bissness ive ben drawing sence i was 4 and through all my school years and all the school art classes i allways got an A or B on all of my art when i was older and under studd my art classes and how art was made i grew in art and got better and better at it i drew a comic book it is 20pages loung and my art is allot like marvil and dc comics i all so wrote a fantisy novil and drew all the art work for it i drew the cover and the cairictors as i described them in my book my book is to be self published in 2012 if u are interrested to see my art plese feel free to contact me. thank you
Mansfield, Pennsylvania, United States