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About Me:
Writing and Movies have been a passion of mine since I was 4 years old. I adored writing great horror classics including all my classmates, who waited eagerly each week as I denounced who had been brutally and savagely murdered, and who was to blame. As I matured my sense of adventure never faltered. I enjoyed travelling all over the world, and with it my love for the cinema came suite. My dreams became a place of wonder and possibilities. I started dancing, singing and acting as much as I could. I loved putting on a show but even more than that, I loved creating and writing it all out so that I could maestro the performance.
A little about me:
I love that i'm french/spanish/american... i love that i grew up in thailand... i love that i've been to 44 countries more than once... i love...
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, United States