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Natasha J Rodriguez - Added portfolio item
This was pretty easy to write, but very informative. This article required research as well, but clearly shows my passion for the content. The point of posting both of these articles in my portfolio is to show the vast difference between my writing ability.
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Natasha J Rodriguez - Added portfolio item
This article required extensive research to complete. It was requested by a client and confirmed to add into my portfolio. The subject matter is something I am unfamiliar with, but was still thoroughly researched. I even did my best to add keywords that experts would understand. 5 starts from the client and a great article to read.
Over 30 days ago -
Article Writing portfolio item
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About Me:
To do what I love best; write! Despite my area of expertise, I have never been able to give up my initial love. Whether it comes in the form of poetry, short stories, articles, or essays; it’s been my dream to earn money from writing. My initiative in business has developed my reputation in the marketing world and I’m ready for a new journey. If given the opportunity, I can easily prove my writing ability for any position available as I am always looking and ready for a challenge.

-Graduated with Associates Degree: Majored in Childhood Development
Minored in Creative Writing
-Established Positive Profile on for Writing Ability involving Various Topics
-Have Written Articles for a Variety of Websites Regarding Different Topics
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States