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About Me:
Name: Nassr Salim

Education: High school Diploma, and one year college “technical college”
Work experience: 5 years experience in Red Zones “Iraq “working with the US Military as “Arabic Translator”
In 2005 i worked with civilian US Police in Iraq training Iraqi Police.
In 2006 i worked with US Army in school to teach Iraqi Army, i worked in Medical Field and we gave medical courses to Iraqi Army.
In 2008 i start working with the US Marines and US DHS in Iraqi Borders to train the Iraqi Border Police and Iraqi Customs.
In 2010 i worked with US Navy and US National Guard in to train “Iraqi Correction Officers”
In 2010 i worked again with US Marines as QRF.
In the end of 2010 till the mid of 2011 i was working with US Army "AIRBOURNE”.

All these years were in combat zones,...
Manchester, New Hampshire, United States