Nashin Rahman

Freelance Event Photographer & Commercial Videographer


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Event Photography
Commercial Videography
About Me:
It is my pleasure and honor to be able to let you know a little bit more about me and why I’m interested in the position. I was born in a small country named Bangladesh. I’ve moved to Mi, USA in 2006. Last year I’ve moved to FL due to school. Since, at the age of 7 I’ve been involved in the entertainment industry. Even though I started on stage as an actress, eventually I’ve realized my passion is behind the camera as an Editor/AD/UPM. And I love every aspect of it.

Since I was a little girl I loved both movie and television industry. I love the idea of telling stories visually through camera movement and art direction. I love the idea of recreating a place that a normal person won’t be able to step in for any reason. I love the play of emotions like rollercoaster that triggers the...
Winter Park, Florida, United States