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My first short movie project where I co-wrote Text Message.
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"I wanted to give him a hug and assure him that everything would be alright. I didn't. I wanted to tell him, 'Things like that happen all the time and it's okay.' It doesn't. I wanted to tell him, 'This is merely a milestone in our lives and we would get through it.' It wasn't." Aaliyah is a high school senior who moves from New York to Chicago when faced with the realization that she may not be your average teenager. Despite Aaliyah's faith, she begins to see "Demons." It just so happens that her new friends already know her secret. Perhaps they are not who they claim to be... Could they be demons too? Sight: The Apocalypse Series has a mix of teenage drama, supernatural occurrences, along with romance, and light-hearted comedy. The first book in this series introduces readers to Aaliyah and her friends. It also takes you into her world and in to her deepest thoughts. It is as if you are along the ride through her journey of self discovery and her walk in faith.
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Uploaded a new profile photo.
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Update the following profile details: Website Url, About Me, and Hourly Rate
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My page on displays articles that highlights the Arab American community in Chicago. Read, enjoy, follow, & SUBSCRIBE! Thanks! :)
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Please scroll to the bottom & Check out a preview of my writing "The List" by yours truly.
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Said "Putting together my first Christian song... Lyrics 90% DONE! Now if only I can find a Christian rapper & perhaps someone to create an upbeat track? :)"
Over 30 days ago -
Thomas Santistevan - Over 30 days ago
I can help.Been spinin since the beginning .Still D.J. on vinyl and have great beats in the pocket.
Nada Tadros - Over 30 days ago
I'm not exactly sure how this works. It's literally my first song that I've written... Can you explain how this process works?
Thomas Santistevan - Over 30 days ago
I suggest that you get your lyrics copywritten so to protect you ownership authenticity.I usually do this for my artwork.It is around 35$.If you need someone to "rap" in song ,I can help as I know one.I can only offer some sound that you may like.
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I became infatuated with writing since the age of twelve. Writing has been outlet for me as a child after the loss of my loved ones and has grown into a dream job that I am pursuing. I have published a young adult fiction novel, Sight: The Apocalypse Series. I am hoping to get my name out there into the writing industry and have fun in this business. I am open to writing everything and anything. I love getting creative and really diving into my work.
Chicago, Illinois, United States