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30 years of international espionage, counter-espionage, anti-terror experience KGB Counterintelligence School KGB Intelligence Institute a former KGB intelligence officer a former KGB "Nabat" anti-terror group sniper a former SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) illegal intelligence officer a former CIA/FBI "Filament" the author of the White House Special Handbook, Algora,2007 the author of the US National Security System, 2011
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Ashfaqul Roni - Over 30 days ago
Anton Counter - Over 30 days ago
The last few years in the network can often find Mikhail Kryzhanovsky.
Most often he is fasting own comments to the various publications. Often such his "comments" in general thematically does not belong to the major publications. The main task - annoying ads "supergenius superspy".

In the network Kryzhanovsky is represented as "brilliant superspy", "the most powerful (dangerous) spy in the world", "eminent political scientist of world renown", "the founder of Applied Political Science", "author of the top political management", "founder of the online Institute U.S. national security", which "could become the president of Russia" and has become a "US president de facto", etc.
Positioning itself as a "connoisseur" and "expert" on the widest range of issues, "Who rules USA: Obama or Kryzhanovsky?", "GESTAPO MULLER-ALIVE. MYSTERIES KGB", "Vladimir Vysotsky - a KGB agent", "Secrets of the KGB" , "The ****** of Bill Clinton: CIA plot", "How to **** Obama?" etc. balderdash.
In addition, according to Kryzhanovsky, he is the "author of special handbook for the White House, which is used by U.S. presidents since 1996 and taught in 350 universities around the world".
Misha loves to publish delusional thoughts about how he was nearly "became the president of Russia" and is already "the U.S. president de facto", as U.S. presidents since 1996, allegedly used his "political science" research. I mean the book "White House Special Handbook". "... The first world's presidential handbook of Kryzhanovsky "White House Special Handbook" studied in the 300-universities - you can check" (M. Kryzhanovsky).
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Article writer (national security, foreign policy, war, espionage, counter-espionage, terror, anti-terror). 30 years of international experience, a former KGB intelligence officer, SBU (Ukrainian security) illegal spy, worked for CIA , FBI. The author of the "White House Special Handbook", ALGORA, 2007.
Jamaica, New York, United States