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Monique Turner - Added portfolio item
I used to work at a call center...and since all I did was talk on the phone....I decided to start
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Monique Turner - Added portfolio item
This is my Random Scenery album that I've put together....some are pics that I randomly took with my iPhone because my camera wasn't nearby...there's lightening bolts, water, ice, sunsets, and sunrises.....I love taking pics....the moment lasts longer that way.
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Outdoor Photography portfolio item
Monique Turner - Added portfolio item
This is just a day I took my daughter (9yrs) and my niece (13yrs) out for a day of fun photos.....some are posed....some are just them doing what they do....hope you enjoy!
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About Me:
I'm a creative young mother of two with ambitions in life. I like to draw, sing, write, and photograph. I'd have to say out of all of them...I love photography. Sunset, weird looking cloud, my kids playing, anything really. I love to throw ideas out at people, and I improvise. I'm open to learning anything fun and interesting. Plus, I make sure my work is perfect before I send it on, or give it out.
Harrison, Arkansas, United States