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Said "Been a while since I've used this site! I've been so busy with college and other projects. I've got another book to edit over the summer, and I'm working as a Marketing Consultant for a stone and tile company. At this point I'm really only looking for projects that really pique my interest, but if you have something you think I might like feel free to PM me."
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This is an ongoing newsletter I'm doing for an art company called Zamaana, we found each other through this website!
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Malakai M. Mohica - Added portfolio item
This piece is dark, ominous, and you might recognize the influence of Poe and Lovecraft. I've studied all of their works in great detail, I'm always reading, always writing, and always improving. While this is macabre fiction, I read every style from autobiographies to speeches and scientific journals. I like to bring realism into my fantasy worlds.
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About Me:
I am a college student working toward my MFA in Creative Writing. Aside from fiction/poetry I have studied psychology, sociology, technical writing, public relations, speech writing, advertising, marketing, and screen/play writing.

I took 2nd in the 2010 FFRF Essay Contest, winning $1,000. I'll be submitting to more grants and competitions, and hopefully I'll win some more. I don't believe in luck, but I do feel that a little talent and a lot of hard work go a long way.

I'd like to establish myself as knowledgeable, dependable, and hardworking. Writing is my life's one true passion, and while I'm only starting out as a freelancer believe me when I say I've done my homework. I have complete confidence in my ability to satisfy your writing needs - not because I think I'm the greatest,...
Northridge, California, United States