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Please see examples of my work via this website :) I hope you enjoy it
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Animal Illustration
About Me:
Art fascinates and holds my attention like nothing else that I've ever experienced. I live, breathe and even dream about painting with every fiber of my being.

I've always wanted to live through my art, but seeing as that is highly impractical (as any girl is, I find myself drawn to sparkly shiny things that require money... that and I need to eat to live.) I would love to have a job where I could simply do what I love. Painting and drawing are my strong points... I have an addiction to trying new subject matter (I've even drawn penguins...) I would take any project I choose to begin very seriously, and work to the best of my ability to create something that anyone would be proud to commission.

I just hope that my style and technique are to your liking and when I complete a work,...
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia