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Michael David Campbell - Added portfolio item
This is one of my musical project websites. All of the songs on this website have been written and performed by myself and produced by Luke Fountain of Toronto, Ontario.
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Michael David Campbell - Added portfolio item
This is the homepage blog where I post most of my creative writing. The content of this website is completely authored by myself with no external contributors.
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The name is Michael Campbell. I have a University of Toronto Honors Bachelor of Arts Degree specializing in English. Aside from being a fully capable creative powerhouse, my most prevalent skills exist within the arts of writing and social awareness.
Concerning writing, my four year period of study was primarily directed at perfecting every aspect involved in the process of writing, including but not limited to:
Concerning social awareness, I have an advanced and experienced mindset when encountering or being involved in social situations. This means I can identify the true meaning of a person's words within writing or through observation of body language. It...
Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada