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This web blog is a personal project. The games being released for Xbox360 will be considered classic works of art someday. Already we’re seeing video game art installation, such as The Path, being analyzed and discussed over cappuccinos. The time has come to bring the analytical essay and the video game together, and I’m interested in pioneering an exploration of the Xbox360 stories. The philosophical concepts and psychological depth of video games too often go unappreciated. The storytellers for Xbox, of course, are attempting to sell a game that will win over young men ages eighteen to twenty-five, but the scripts and settings expose so much about the psyche of that clientele. In this blog, I will explore various video games and the literary devices at play in an attempt to show simulation adventurers why these stories are so compelling, and maybe even answer why players have spent hundreds of hours in these imaginary worlds.
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Alex Coven - Over 30 days ago
cool idea! really like this!
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A short story.
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Cinderella in a desert at midnight.
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A poem about boredom.
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The blog investigates a furniture innovation that involves LED lights.
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About Me:
B.A. in English Literature
09/2006 - 02/2010
Marymount Manhattan College (221 E 71st st. New York, NY 10021)
- Minor in Creative Writing
- GPA 3.564
- Coursework: Medieval, Restoration, Victorian, Modern and Post-Modern Literature, American, European, French and Indian Literature, Literary Criticism, Communications, Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics
- Skills acquired: Proofreading and editing prepared materials for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format. Conducted extensive research into multiple subjects. Regularly completed fact-checking on all written pieces submitted for grading.

High School Diploma 08/2003 - 06/2006
Community School of Naples (13275 Livingston rd. Naples, FL)
- GPA 3.79
- Sophomore Writing Award, Honors Track Education, A.P. courses...
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States