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An Ex-Detective must take on one last assignment, to follow an old friends husband. What starts as a routine follow up quickly turns into a festering soar of complications with Max right in the middle. As the bodies pile up, the plot only thickens and the web of deceit weaves further. Can Max sift through the lies and find the truth in.... Burning Nights
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Matthew Scheffler - Added portfolio item
The Enamel of Love. It's a video I made for a short film competition. I won best comedy but don't judge it because a bunch was cut out due to the competitions time restraints. I wrote/directed/starred in it (Because I'm super full of myself)
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I studied Performing Arts at Salem State University along with Creative Writing and I have recently completed the Screenwriting Program at New York FIlm Academy. I have written several short films, one of which won Best Comedy at Campus Movie Fest. Along with short films, I have completed a feature length script called The ***** Truth which is currently in the hands of a Producer and a Director. Film is my passion and I hope to attend the Film Making course at NYFA soon. I write comedy very well but I study film and story structure so dramatic pieces are just as relevant.
New York, New York, United States