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Said "My name and Tlotliso Elias and I have just finished writing a manuscript. I am in desperate neec of an editor. Please be my editor? Contact me at my email" to Masindi Shumani
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About Me:
Am currently a student at Tswane University of Technogy, under the department of languages.
A student who has a clear vision for his furture, who knows what he wants and not affraid to go and get what he wants. Self motivation, determination, desire, hard working, are some of the key points that help me get through the day. As a student who is doing his final year, i think is about time i take my practice and what i have learned to the out side world, and i know tha am ready. Hiring me won`t be a waste i have so much to offer. Thank you.
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa