Marites Cunningham

Freelance Drawer & Mural Painter


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monalisa photo editing
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Marites Cunningham - Added portfolio item
wedding self portrait....8ft x 2ft,materials:plywood,with water based paint,a full sized images
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Marites Cunningham - Added portfolio item
mural paintings for wedding events...16 x16 ft size with full colors in tinted water based..embossed with a wood materials bible and with doves design..
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Mural Painting
About Me:
I am a freelancer writer-illustrator..also working for painting works like mural and self portraits,caricatures..i am mostly at free hand illustrator,events decorations,like float and stage design,and all events..create party needs,and a cartoonist,more on Corel draw graphics,i had been 12 years of experience by self employing local bids only,but i want to try my career outside the country skills..
Aberdeen, United Kingdom