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Said "Mariana!!!! I think you could help me with what I am wanting!!! Please refer to the summation of a true story which leads to a battle to save my life and to 2 diseases which have no cures...I have found it! Your friend in Tyler,TX...Melissa RIchardson" to Mariana
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I am multi-faceted, perceptive, creative, and have been told I have impeccable taste. My life work involves studying the basic sciences in biochemistry and molecular biology, but I have been using my right brain (writing poetry, painting, drawing, listening to and judging music) my whole life. I can easily pick up on typos, and am a great at editing content of manuscripts. I have had to review papers and grant proposals through my career thus far, and have also always been a huge contributor to my close friends' papers. I am new to this whole freelance, ghostwriting business, but have faith in me! I'm pretty damn good. If you want a taste for my style please check out my blog: This only has my written works, philosophies on life, and pictures here and there....
Decatur, Georgia, United States