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Said "poetry writing , song lyrics for demo recording with experimental tunes and proposal writing for publc-private-government sectors initiatives and also keen to start and try earning and entertaining readers /audience and viewers with humour for reasoning agreement and motivation for actions and movements for lifes Neccesities matters."
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Marcus Lupton - 9 days ago
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please see 5 white wash flow on .I'll try best with hopeful support or alone.
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please see 5 white wash previous and can we gather and drink when awake at noon monday.
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please lets move on and start afresh of all colors.
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Hi readers , I have a Certificate in media studies ( Sydney 1993 ) But no career or credits in this. I worked with my hands and tools ( various trades labor and farm work ) Currently a 49 YO semi-retired pensioner residing in Canberra public affordable housing and have just started studying certificate in poetry and self learning song lyrics writing and also started a diploma in community services . I've been sober for almost 11 years and have quit smoking the green pot stuff for a year . I would like to contribute and assist other disadvantaged and Vunerable groups of people in society and try to fix , solve and improve complex , challenging , Sensative and traumatic conditions for steady , stable and secure things in life or otherwise.
Jerrabomberra, New South Wales, Australia