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Blip is my photo blog. I started this because my boyfriend's mama has one, and I just sort of fell into it. Matter of fact, this is what re-sparked my interest in the arts, so it's significant to me. I've always been good at writing, reading and spelling, as well as photography and drawing, but I had tucked that creativity away somewhere deep inside my heart. Just recently, since my babe came into my life, have I been seeing it come out more and more. ;)
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Malinda Strasser - Added portfolio item
So this is my blog @Wordpress. It's sort of a work in progress, but I'm still proud of it. Take a look if you have a second, and subscribe if you want to. :) It's only going to get better!
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About Me:
Hi! My name is Malinda. I live in San Diego where I was born and raised. I am extremely proficient in grammar, spelling and punctuation, and I type 65+ wpm with 0 errors. I love to write, but I enjoy editing even more. My hours are very flexible, and I'm available almost 24/7. Please email me if you are interested. Thank you!
El Cajon, California, United States