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Said "5 MORE REASONS TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG 6. It's hilarious. See the world through the eyes in the end of my fingers. 7. Subscribers make better lovers. An actual fact based fact. 8. Every few weeks, you'll receive an email with my latest blog- who doesn't want a guaranteed laugh every few weeks? 9. Does Bill Bryon offer a free blog? I think not. Watch out Billie-Boy, I'm coming for you. 10. If you are still reading this, you either: a) think I'm funny and will therefore subscribe to my blog or b) are very kind and will therefore subscribe to my blog. Subscribing is easy! Click on the address below, check out the awesome content, and enter your email in the box on the right hand side. Your email is never used for any other reason- Wordpress blog sites are spam free! Oh, and reason # 11.... if you don't subscribe, you may be condemning me to a life of mediocrity, buried beneath the bureaucratic red tape * FYI Free knives will not be provided until I'm famous."
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Said "FIVE OF TEN REASONS TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG The Tina Sparkles Experience. Follow my hilarious and precarious dating and travel adventures @ 1. Everyone who subscribes in the next 10 days will receive a free set of steak knives, absolutely free* 2. The blog, is free, absolutely free, and gets delivered directly in to your in-box, for free. Pay no money now, pay no money later. Why? It's free! 3. If I've ever read or edited your CV, resume, job application, essay, assignment or love letter to an ex-boy band member, you owe me. 4. You'll feel better about your love life, by reading about mine. 5. You'll be able to say you knew me when I was indie and underground, before I became more famous than the love child of Bill Bryson and JK Rowling. That will make you cool."
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Said "Finalising more travel blogs and creating a new career in the creative sphere!"
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Internet dating!
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About Me:
Comedy Travel Writer- Business Document Specialist- A Master at improving other people's work.

Comedy: Travel and Dating. Everywhere I go adventure follows! My blog, The Tina Sparkles Experience, chronicles my travels, and dating as a woman in her 30s.

Business: Qualified lawyer, trainer and lecturer. I specialise in document preparation and improvement (editing), including training materials, letters, reports, proposals, business briefs and ministerial correspondence. One of my greatest skills is untangling content to make the meaning clear. I am able to do this even where the subject is unknown to me.

Sharing the knowledge: I prepare and deliver training and a wide variety training materials, including basic business writing. I am very creative, and skilled in making training...
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia