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Said "If you have some songs that you need a co-writer, let me see one or two and you can tell me what you need. You can find me here on Freelanced. My Name is Dr. Lyndon Parker." to Lisa Reames
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Welcom to my life. I wear my heart on my sleeve. My motto is "Kindness, Respect, Hard Work, and Reflection... these are my tools." I love writing songs and poetry, they are my meditation. I can find happiness or hope in almost any situation... I was really missing my Dad and my Chelsea, who have gone to sing with the Angels, and I cut open this watermelon, and this is what they sent me! Hope and happiness! God works in mysterious ways... :)
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I have approximately 25 songs finished, or nearly finished. Most of the songs were written in country or soft rock in mind. Lyrics cover everything from up-beat and fun to tear-jerking heartbreak. I have alot of song ideas and would love to collaberate. I play guitar, and sing. I am not looking to be a recording artist, but would love to be a successful writer and cowriter. I am great at taking an idea or phrase and turning it into a full out song/story. I live in the South Lyon/Brighton/AnnArbor area.
South Lyon, Brighton, Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States