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Said "Hey, Lindsay, I love the travel plans. If you haven't bought the trailer, check out vintage airstreams online -- some are pretty cheap. Best wishes with the book, and you should mention what a great program Iowa is. I went to Houston, am still living there. If you two pass though, send me a line ...." to Lindsay Carleton
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About Me:
I am a skilled writer in both creative and professional arenas. I hold a MFA degree from the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop, and I am in the process of completing my first novel. I have had stories published in magazines such as McSweeney's and The Massachusetts Review.

Additionally, I worked for six years as a writer/editor for Marzano Research Laboratory, an education-based research company out of Denver, CO. Dr. Marzano and I collaborated as co-authors on a book containing vocabulary games for teachers to use in the classroom, and I was integral to the entire writing process of five books (collectively referred to as The Classroom Strategies Series). I know a lot about the book writing and publishing process. I know a lot about education too.

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Aurora, Colorado, United States