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"Infinity: the Cycle Series" focuses on the theory that all of life is part of a continuous, fluctuating cycle of energy. It's about the never-ending cycle of life's energy, how all life exists in a form -- not always visible- but traceable by its trail and the constant motion it displays. The tools used to create my work consist of: Flash generated animation, rendered by simple lines, symbolizing the mechanical means by which man marks his creative presence. The black ground on which the visual dialogue takes place represents the opposing mystery of the imagination; this interplay of man's created "reality" and the ever-changing imagination surrounding it.
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About Me:
• Ten years experience in Animator, Illustrator, Graphic Design and a Degree in MFA.
• Fully versed on the Mac in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Illustrator
• Four years United States work experience in Design, Illustration and Animator
• Knowledgeable on all aspects of printing.
Hicksville, New York, United States