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About Me:
Who I once was is long gone. The smiles, the laughter, it’s all fake.
But does that make me fake?
I promise you I’m just trying to appear happy so no one questions me.
I hate questions.
Because that means I have to lie to avoid more questions.
Music is the only thing that makes me feel alive anymore,
But that’s starting to get old.
It can’t get old.
I need life.
I need something more.
But I’m to afraid to get close to people anymore.
They always let me down.
I don’t even trust myself anymore.
Spiraling down into the darkness,
I can’t get up.
I’m stuck.
I’m scared to death of what I’m becoming.
No matter how hard I try,
No matter what I do,
Nothing works.
Crying doesn’t help anymore,
I’m starting to spend to much time in my head,
I’m going insane.
But I just walk...
Oregon, Ohio, United States