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About Me:
Singer Songwriter / Arranger Tosh from North Hills California
Began her writing Career in the late 90s. Latasha Wilson has been Published in
IIiad Press in book Horizons Poem ' Listen To My Heart"and "Promises " in year 2000.
Also , book Bridges Poem "Angel On My Mind in year 2002 and Angel On My Shoulders in
year 2001.

Lakai Larson Latasha's other pen name Poem "King Of Hearts" in year 2001.
The International Library Of Poetry published Poems "Exhale" and Beautiful"
in the book The Blush Of Morning. In September 2003 Latasha was Awarded
Editors Choice Award.

The Amherst Society published Poem "Keep Your Mind On Me" in year 1999
and "Provisions in year 2000.
American Poets published in the book Inspirations Poems " A Well Of Conversions"

Midwest Publishers Poems "A...
California, United States