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Said "hey , im lookfing for a ghostwriter at this moment . plz contact if u r interested . and my email is 292438716@qq.com" to K Ying
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This is a website that I am currently ghostwriting for. The articles that I have written integrate SEO keywords organically. The articles about communication in the workplace and parenting are my work.
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I am a start up freelance writer looking for work immediately. I can write on a variety of topics. It isn't hard because I am able to research and retrieve information quickly. When I finish with my magic the end result will be an interesting article that organically integrates all of your desired SEO keywords.

My educational background is in the Liberal Arts; I hold a Bachelors' degree in Western Society and Culture, Literature and Linguistics.

For a sample of my writing please visit http://www.selfimprovementtips.co/
or you can read my current blog at http://www.honeschooling.wordpress.com
York, Ontario, Canada