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Ignoring the cries of parents, friends, and family to ignore my dream, I have given my life over to writing. Well, that's what I think you should believe, so that is what I stated.

But the truth may be closer to: I love to write. I began creating stories long before I could actually write. (Thanks to the invention of the tape recorder, I can actually prove this. But don't make me. Oh, who am I kidding? I still think those "Wacky Stories" (name clearly inspired by that classic cartoon Wacky Races) are brilliant and will gladly share them with you at the merest hint that you are even remotely interested. Clearly, a conversion to either an animated or live-action 3-D Youtube sensation is looming.)

Fiction and children's book writing are my greatest passions, but I have an annoying...
Cedar Park, Texas, United States