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About Me:
P.S.E. Writing Services

Children holding hands, cast in a lovely white marble statue, say to you:- “Welcome to our garden!”
We say:- “Welcome to our writing services!”
We will write for you in plain, simple, easy-to-follow English. No difficult words. You will not have to refer to a dictionary.
There was once a judge of the highest court who wrote judgments in such high-flown language few could follow, .....least of all the magistrates who were bound by what he had laid down!
We will write for you on legal subjects and other subjects in language even a school student understands.
We will copy-write for you. (Copywriting is writing to promote something. Copywriting is used on paper, on the net, on TV and on the radio. It promotes a product, an idea, a business or a person....
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand