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Jonathan McEuen, son of folk-rock pioneer, John McEuen, has recorded my songs. I've had four pieces published by, "Short, Fast, and, Deadly," one of which was in their 2010, "Best Of." Also, "Jersey Devil Press," has published me, and I have an upcoming piece in, "Flash Fiction Online."
I currently write internet content for, "The Content Authority." I love animals to a stupid degree. A homeless man gave me two guppies, and I took them home. I have spent over two-hundred dollars on these two fish, which, the parakeet thinks is stupid, but she thinks rocks are stupid. My dog thinks the parakeet is stupid, but I think he is intimidated by her. I understand. Women think I'm stupid, and I am, too. I tell myself that all of the time. Like the other day when I picked up the fluorescent lighting...
Ojai, California, United States