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About Me:
I'm currently a student at a junior college to finish up my general education. After I plan on transferring to a school to major in some sort of applicable arts. I've taken art classes through out high school and was also one of the five-hundred students accepted into the CSSSA 2010 program. I took the AP art exam, graded by the college board, my senior year of high school and scored a four out of five. I've won small county fair awards and won the award to represent my high schools art department. I plan on furthering my art skill as I continue school.

Art Classes Completed:
CSSSA: Painting, Figure Drawing, Design, Art History, Ceramics
Highschool: Art Survey, Art I, Art II, Art AP, Ceramics I
JC: Acrylic Painting

I can give you the name of the high school I've attended upon...
Fairfield, California, United States