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Janet Bradley - Gave 1 kudo
Said "Hey Kathouz! What a awesome cat logo! Can hardly wait to see more! Very nice bio and look forward to more of your finesse! ;-))0" to Chriss Sather
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Janet Bradley - Over 30 days ago
And thank you very much for stopping by my ark and sharing some kudos!
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Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
Awesome artwork Kathouz....Love the cat too....Thanks for popping by and welcome to Freelanced.Hope to see more beautiful artworks up soon....Cheer and have a ;magical day....
Chriss Sather - Over 30 days ago
Thanks Em, I think I'm going to love this network :)
Em Gee - Over 30 days ago
You certainly will Kathouz...I joined 6 mths ago and all fabulous people on here..full of inspiration and support which is what we as artists need to deal with those 'out there' heads we sometimes get .lol......See ya when you are on board with your artworks and if you remember , let me know ok. I am so flatout at times I miss soo many things on here and it is easy to get sidetracked trust will find and have a ripper of a day..
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Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Painter, Publisher.
Author of Graphic Illustrations Book

Hello and thank you for taking time to view my profile.
My Online Tag Name is: Kathouz KatGrafix ... Google me.

January 1999 - Present

Kathouz KatGrafix is my creative identity-legal name and copyright ownership signature for all creative bodies of work including, photography, web publishing, programming, film, video, art, graphics, articles and stories.

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